8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Jerry’s mother brought him to Achungo 7 years ago. He says he was immediately impressed with the quality of teaching at Achungo. “The best think about Achungo is that very many pupils have passed their KCPE with a good score. I believe in the name of God that I will also do the same. Here at Achungo we are taught well compared to New Side (his prior school) and I really appreciate that I can board on campus.”

Jerry (b: December 23, 2008) lives in neighboring Kochia with his mother and siblings, his father having died in 2013. “Before his death we were a happy family.” He told us that his mother “is a business woman who sells charcoal but does not earn enough to afford schools fees for me. She can only afford our basic needs. She owns a small subsistence garden. She is a healthy strong woman.”

He likes doing homework with his friends and playing and praying together, and he also likes drawing and playing soccer.

“On school breaks I like helping my mother doing her work. I want to become a lawyer or aeronautical engineer making airplanes. I want to earn a good living and support my mother.”