8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

James’ story (he’s 15): “My parents and my brother died in a car accident when I was very little and my aunt, Patricia, took me in. She works as a watchman in Kochia. After my parents died, other people stole our subsistence garden that was our source of food. When I was about 5, a friend of mine told me amazing stories of how Achungo supported and nurtured talent and my aunt enrolled me in the preschool. At first I was afraid they would despise me because I was so poor. But they took me in and even though my state was so bad, they even helped me discover my talent at drawing and my love for reading.  Sometimes I crack jokes in class and we laugh together.”

“When I am through with my studies I want to be a teacher because my teachers have inspired me a lot.”

“I like Monte and Director Michael who help us and treat us like family no matter where we come from.”