Jael Aida Ogola

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Jael (13) came to Achungo 2 years ago entering 6th grade. She lived in Oyugis (about 20 miles from Rodi) with her grandmother and step-sister and step-brother, having lost her parents when she was in 1st grade.   She also has a sister (20) and brother (26 and married) who live in Kisumu along with 2 brothers who are in high school and she likes to visit them when she can. On holidays she helps her grandmother in the garden and in her shop (stall).

Because she is an Orphan, she was sponsored by the Smart Kids Academy in Oyugis but the school was subsequently closed.  Her two brothers are being supported in high school through the Catholic Church.   “Here we live well.  At my previous school we used to be sent home for lunch.  And the teachers did not come every day.  Here we are taught daily. Here I will be more successful in my studies.”

Jael likes soccer and running races.  She spends her weekends studying and reading.  She wants to attend University and “become a doctor or psychologist.  I will try my best for my patients.  Maybe they would have eye problems and I could help.  I would try to find the medicine that would cure people so they would not die.  I want to discover things.”

Jael attends Koru Girls Secondary School.