Jackline Awuor Nyanjwa

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Jackline (14) joined Achungo last year, previously attending Heart Springs Primary (a public school) in Kochia where she lived with her father and 4 siblings (3 of them are at Heart Springs and 1 is in teachers’ college).  “In public school teachers are not serious about their work”

Her mother died from an illness when Jackline was small. Her father was a blacksmith, but when that became difficult, he went back to farming to survive (millet, maize, sweet potato).

She likes playing soccer, reading the Bible, and on weekends visiting her grandmother (in Ugenya, beyond Kisumu) and also visiting those in the hospital and praying for them. She likes to get together with her best friends, Winnie and Christine, to share stories.  Her favorite subjects:  CRE (Kenya’s Christian Religious Education) and Science, especially the adaptations of different animals to their environment.

I would like to be a journalist – I would like to report the news. Some parts of Kenya like Nyanza, flood during the rainy season.  Maybe we can make a bridge so water can flow in a good way to prevent flooding and keep disaster from happening.  There are other places that are very dry now.  I could report on it and inform the government so they can provide relief.   I could advise the government on how to bring more food and water.  For example, I could tell the Minister, “every Tuesday bring 2 sacks of millet”.

Jackline attends Kadika Girls Secondary School.