8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Idah (b: January 1, 2008) told us, “My father died before I was born. My mother is a tailor and is parenting me and my sister, as a single mother. My mother is my mentor, my pride and my biggest strength, even if she is a single mother. She is healthy and fit.

I used to live with my mother in Nairobi but then my mother saw that the school [I attended in Nairobi] was not a very good school and was becoming a school of lazy learners. So, my mother asked my aunt if I could come and live with them, and my sister said that I should join her school, called Achungo. So my mother decided to bring me to live with my aunt and uncle and sister. She assured me that it was going to be fun.

When I came to Achungo everything changed in my life. I thought the people here were going to hate me and abuse me, but I was wrong. The people here are sweet, kind, courageous, faithful and loyal. Achungo is the only school I have gone to that is in a good place. I have learned, seen and done so many things that are new to me. The best thing to me about going to Achungo is that teachers are nice and kind to children. The pupils are disciplined and some teachers treat you as their own children.

With my friend, Florence, I like studying together and exercising together. Besides my studies, I like to do gymnastics or play games when I am at school. When I am on holiday, I like to go the village and help my guardians, and when I’m at home I like to stay at home or go swimming at the nearby restaurant.

I would love to be a medical engineer because they are cultured, hardworking, and smart. A medical engineer is also the busiest person.