Hygiene Atieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Hygiene was brought to Achungo 3 years ago by her grandmother and joined our 6th grade.  They had heard about the success at the school.   She lives with her parents, Dixon Otieno and Faith Aweno, her siblings, and her grandmother, but none of them have work.  She also has 12 nephews (ages 12 to 22) who are living elsewhere.

Hygiene had gone to St Paul’s Primary in Homa Bay but couldn’t pay the exam fees.  She likes that at Achungo there are “no exam fees, they eat a good diet at school, and they teach well.”   She told us “I like Achungo with its teaching and its performance.  The best thing is that I have a future.”  She likes Science and Social Studies and wants to be a doctor to be able to treat people.  When she’s not studying, she likes handball, volleyball and football (soccer) and reading storybooks.   When she’s home she cleans the house, mops, washes the kitchen utensils and such.