Helen Awuor Oluch

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Helen was brought to Achungo by her guardian, Aunt Metris, in 2016, joining our 5th grade.   She lives with her Aunt and two younger sisters, Rose (8), Juliet (10), in Ndhiwa (about 11 miles away).   Her older sister, Jael, is in high school.  She told us that she never knew her father or mother and that her aunt does not have money for her school fees.

Before Achungo, Helen attended public school in Ndhiwa.  She says the school was not properly run and the teachers were not helpful.  “At Achungo it is enjoyable. The teachers help the students and we are protected.  I’m very glad to be here.  I learn about more opportunity.  And the other students are friendly and fun.”

On holidays she enjoys reading, playing volleyball with friends, studying together and listening to music.   When she is at home she helps with the subsistence garden, washing utensils, caring for her younger sisters, and reading the Bible.  “I enjoy the church here at school–I love Jesus.”  (Achungo conducts a Sunday service on-campus for those interested.)

Her favorite subjects are English and History and her hope is to go on to secondary school (high school) and to university and become a professor (“lecturer”) of English at Kenyatta University (the top national university).  [A professor had apparently visited Achungo a few years ago and sparked interest in many of the students].