Godfrey Ochieng Ouma

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Godfrey (13) is the top student in the eighth grade and often leads the class, demonstrating Math problems on the blackboard as he carefully walks the class through the solution.  With his height and aptitude, he is a natural leader.

He came to Achungo in 2011, joining the second grade class after starting school at Yago Primary.  He says, “When I came to Achungo I was surprised to see the high standard of teaching compared to what I’d known.”

He was living nearby with his aunt and sister.  His mother left the family in 2015 and his father lives about 4 miles away with his step-mother and 4 brothers and a sister.  Life at home involves constant chores and fetching water from the river and tending the livestock.  On holidays, he also helps his elderly neighbors and finds time to read the Bible and attends the nearby Full Gospel Church with his family.

In addition to the teaching at Achungo, he appreciates the computers in the computer lab and all the books in the school library.  His favorite subjects are Math and Science.

Godfrey wants to be a surgeon and says he plans to work very hard to achieve it.

Godfrey attends Agoro-Sare Boys Secondary School.