Glory Laurent

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Originally from Tanzania, Glory Came to Achungo in 2018 entering 7th grade.  Her mother had found out about it on the internet as they searched for a better school.  She had been attending Doris Primary, a public school in Tanzania.  It was a large school with two classes in each grade — “We were not taught well at Doris and they didn’t provide food”.

At first she thought she might be bored at Achungo and might not have friends.  But Glory quickly found excellent academics, plenty of food, and lots of new friends and was playing soccer and volleyball, hide and seek, and other games in the large play area.   She also loves reading storybooks and just hanging out with her friends.

At home she loves to cook, wash utensils, to clean and help with chores.  Glory and her mother, Leah Akinyi, now live at Kyakoyo village (nearby) with her aunt, uncle and three cousins along with her younger brother Victor.  She doesn’t know anything about her father.

She wants to become a surgeon because she wants “to help people like those who have cancer.”

“I would appreciate you telling my story to people in the U.S., so they may help Achungo.  I would advise the students of America to work hard in their studies”.