8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Florence (b: October 26, 2006) came to Achungo four years ago after attending God-Kado Primary School. She says the education offered there was not good and she likes how the teachers at Achungo do such a good job of teaching in comparison. She gets help whenever she is struggling in her studies.

She lives in Karayo with her mother, who works on farms, and her older and younger sisters and younger brother. When she’s home, she helps her mother work on farms to earn money for the family and enjoys playing with friends and helping her grandparents. She says, “I am working hard to achieve my goals and to help my mother.”

Her favorite subjects are Science and CRE (Christian Religious Education – part of the national curriculum). “I like CRE because it teaches me about God and I also like Science because it tells us about real things in the world.” On breaks, she likes to read storybooks and to write stories.

She told us, “After my education I would like to be a doctor so that I can help people suffering from many diseases that may lead to death. I want also to help orphans and street children to get free education so that that they may have a better life after finishing their education.”