Felix Otieno Asewe

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

In Felix, we have a budding engineer.  He loves reading about new inventions, and studying about all kinds of machines and technologies.  His uncle worked for a Civil engineer before retiring.  He says Kenya lacks enough good engineers.

He joined Achungo in 7th grade in 2016 from Nyangweso where he lived with his mother and two younger siblings.  His father was murdered one Saturday night in 2016, and after that, his mother could no longer pay his school fees.

Felix is very soft-spoken but clearly bright and motivated.  He is very grateful for the opportunity to be at Achungo and enjoys boarding here.  He says they get meals cooked “by a great cook” and that the food is “not just good, it’s perfect!”  But he says the best thing about Achungo is the level of learning, more than at any other school he knows.  He is impressed with the library and computer lab and that every classroom is cement with a tiled floor.

On weekends Felix likes going to Achungo Salvation Church (the on-campus services) – “it’s a good church.”  He also helps clean the rooms.   He enjoys soccer and other sports.

His goal is to finish his schooling and become like the Director and sponsor orphans in school.

Felix attends St. Paul’s Ligisa Secondary School.