8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Felix (born August 8, 2008) told us, “My father asked a friend in Homabay for the best school to bring me to and he brought me to Achungo, 3 years ago. Prior to that, I attended a small school called Tassia Connerstone Academy.  That school did not have adequate learning resources and had a shortage of teachers. But Achungo has adequate learning materials and a lot of well-trained and capable teachers. I worried that I would not have a good education but in my first year at Achungo I learned the truth of our motto that every child is an achiever.  I was brought to the right place and I began passing every exam with flying colors.

I lived in Embakasi with my aunt and my sister, Angel, who is 5 and in Kindergarten at Achungo. My aunt resells vegetables in the local open market but we do not have a garden for food.  Some years back, she was very ill, suffering from ulcers and we were forced to do all kinds of work in order to earn money just to get something to eat. Life was difficult then. My parents live elsewhere. My father, Joel, resells costume jewelry from China and my mother, Maurine, works as a dentist in Kanady.

I like to study and play fun games and watch soccer with my friends.

I want to become a dermatologist because our visitor, Mark, talked to us about what a dermatologist does and my interest developed, day by day. Now, I want to help with skin diseases in our country and world.

Achungo is one of the most intelligent schools in Kenya and everybody is treated equally here. Achungo is the best place for developing hidden talents in the students.