Everlyne Awino Odingo

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Everlyne’s brother heard about Achungo and in 2018, enrolled her in 7th grade.  She was living in Kisumu (2 hours away) with her Aunt and two older brothers, who are both now in college.  She told us, “I don’t know where my parents are, but am still moving on with my life.”

She had been attending Kisumu Union, a public school not far from their home.   From the start she was impressed that Achungo was a much better school academically, and she was thrilled with the encouragement she got from the teachers– “they take you as you are and let you know that you should never give up, that anything is possible.”

Everlyne likes playing soccer, skipping rope and other games with friends.  On weekends she studies and attends the on-campus church service led by Achungo staff.  “When I am home I help with the house chores and sometimes visit the sick in hospitals and visit friends to talk about our studies and our future.”  Everylyne wants to become a doctor “because I would like to help people who are disabled and show them they are able, and to fight for people not to give up on life.”

“Take our greeting to America from Kenya and tell them we love and hope to meet them.  I love you all, but God loves you most.  Pray for us and our family, for God to guide us.”