Evance Omondi

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Evance came to Achungo in preschool and has been with us for 10 years.  His mother enrolled him at Achungo along with his two younger brothers (Brian and Steve).  His mother had heard about it from Madam Nancy (one of our first teachers) whom she knew through their church.

His mother and father are living but do not have any employment.  They have a subsistence garden plot that they work in order to provide food for the family.  They live at some distance from Achungo and the boys have a 1-hour walk to get to school each day.  His father works in Nairobi.  Evance sees him during holidays.  His mother comes to the school to visit him on weekends.

The happiest day of his life was the day he came to Achungo.  He says, “I like Achungo because it provides all the basic needs and it passes in the examinations.  Being at Achungo benefits me because I have improved my performance.”    He enjoys football (soccer) and volleyball, reading storybooks in the library and just spending time with his three brothers.  His favorite subjects are Math and English.   When he grows up, he wants to become a pilot and learn about other countries and other parts of the world.