Euvern Allester Awuor

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Euvern was orphaned about three years ago when her father was murdered one evening on his way home from his workshop.  “It has been very hard on my mother as she tries to take care of my 5 siblings and find money for food and school fees.”  Their mud hut has a thatched roof that leaks when it rains and “the water comes in like a flood.”

Euvern was attending St. Alfred Academy but had to leave when they could no longer afford the fees.  She came to Achungo last year in 7th grade.  “The teachers help me study, give me advice, and help me to achieve my goals.”  She says it is much better education than St. Alfred.   After classes she likes playing soccer and volleyball.  On holidays it takes her about two hours to walk home unless she is given money for a motorcycle taxi.  She likes helping her mother wash clothes and care for her 5 younger siblings.

On Sundays at school she likes worshipping at the services in the Achungo dining hall along with the other students and the dorm mother.

“I pray God will help me achieve my goals.”  She wants to become a TV and movie actress.  “That will help me take care of my family.”

Euvern now attends Magare Girls Secondary School.