Erick Otieno Odhiambo

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Erick (13) has been at Achungo since first grade.  He lives in Ogande (a few miles away) with his mother and grandmother.  “Achungo is nice.  I have learned to read and write.”  His favorite subjects are Math, History and studying the human body in Science.  He wants to become a surgeon “I like learning how the body functions”   He knows it will take a lot of study “I pray to God to help me achieve my goals,” but Erick has always been in the top 3 in his class.  He is a very bright boy from a very poor family who now has a much brighter future.

Soccer is his favorite sport.  He likes spending time with his best friend, Lawrence.  And When he’s home for holidays, he likes helping in the family garden.

Erick attends Orero Boys Secondary School.