Emelda Awuor Obado

8th Grade Graduates of 2016 (Rodi)

Sometimes a girl just needs to take matters into her own hands. Emelda’s mother died long ago and her father, who lived in Rodi Kopany, eventually married another woman, but the new couple neglected her. She’d heard about Achungo from friends, so 13-year-old Emelda bravely came alone to enroll. She brought a complete handwritten application with her mother’s death certificate and a letter from the area chief attached, and asked head of school, Mr. Mwai, if she could attend. (Since our beginning in 2005, only five students have come to Achungo on their own with the appropriate documentation for admission.)

Emelda did well on her placement test, enrolled in 7th grade and moved into the dorm. “It was wonderful,” she said. “For learning you need a good foundation, and I found it here with good teachers.” She especially enjoys the opportunity to read in the dorm at night (by electric light).

Emelda is currently attending Bakhita Girls Secondary School.