8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Emaqulate’s parents died several years ago in a road accident. While they were alive, they would try to find work in order to pay for food and clothes, but a day’s wages were 100 Shillings (about 90 cents, U.S.). She says her 4 brothers ran away after her parents’ death, leaving Emaqulate alone. She was found and taken in by a neighbor, Eunice, who has 5 children of her own. Eunice doesn’t have any work nor a garden to provide for the family and the children are unable to attend school (no money for books or uniforms).

Emaqulate has been at Achungo for 4 years. She told us, “All my teachers are my favorites because they teach very well.  My teachers also advise me in some serious situations that can occur at home.”

With her friend, Wendy, she likes reading storybooks and reviewing the class textbooks. She also likes playing football. But Eunice doesn’t let her play with friends when she’s home and apparently keeps her working on chores.  She told us that when her schooling is through, she wants to get a job so she can “help the poor and help the children like me. I would also like to send my brothers to school and to take care of them. Thank you for this opportunity.  May God be with you.”

She told us that she feels very sad whenever she thinks of her story, and then she cried. [It is impossible for me to imagine what these children have been through]