Elisha Odero Aruongo Ooko

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Elisha (13) was living with his grandmother and grandfather (his parents died when he was 2).  He has a brother in high school.   joined Achungo this year, having attended .  “Here there is more time to study,” he says.

Elisha had dropped out of School (St. Alfred’s Primary at Imbo, near Director Nyangi’s home village) when we found him and brought him to Achungo this year. Director Nyangi also pays part of his brother’s high school feels to enable him to stay in school.  Elisha stays at Achungo because his grandmother is too old to be able to take care of him.

His favorite subjects are  “science – the study of electricity, and Social Studies – the study of people and population.“   He wants to become an electrical engineer “knowing all about electricity, cables and wires.  I would like to visit the USA and visit an electricity company”

He likes soccer and reading and helping others.  When he is home he helps in the family garden and likes watching movies (a neighbor has a video screen).

Elisha attends Thurdibuoro Boys Secondary School.