8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Edwin (b: August 1, 2007) lives with his grandmother and two older brothers. His father died during the pregnancy and his mother died at the hospital after delivering Edwin. His grandmother is ill with a growth in her stomach. His two brothers had to drop out of school because there was no money for school fees. When Edwin is home he helps his brothers cut down local trees to make charcoal to sell for food. They used to have a small garden but his grandmother sold it to pay for her hospital bills.

Edwin has been at Achungo for 4 years after spending some time going to Majiwa Primary. He told us, “Achungo is the best school I have ever seen before in my life because the teachers are friendly and motivating and education takes place in classrooms under the supervision of trained teachers.” Students are provided “scholarships, guidance, counseling, clothing, food, and medical services.”

“After education, I want to help orphans and widows and those with difficulties in their home because I have experienced it. It’s not good to see pupils suffering in slums, on the street begging for money because of lack of food back in their homes. I also want to help my community members because most of them are orphans, mostly the young ones. All I want is not to see children suffering on slums or streets as I suffered four years ago. That life is terrible because if you don’t have your parents, it’s like you hate yourself (as I do). I want to help other children because I am being helped by Achungo Educational Center.”