Edith Awuor Odondo

8th Grade Graduates of 2016 (Rodi)

Edith started attending Achungo for preschool before any of the current campus was built. Achungo has also changed the life of her twice-widowed mother who has six daughters. Because she was left without a husband or son, her family took away her land and she was left with only her house—no land even for a garden to survive on. Michael Nyangi knew about her circumstances since she lived just 100 yards from the center, and gave her a job cooking at Achungo.

Edith likes science and dreams of being a pilot.  She is very grateful that she has been able to attend a much better school than her older sisters did. Living in a dorm with electricity, she can study extra hours at night, and she gets to spend time with the good friends she has here. Even washing clothes is fun when you do it with friends.

Edith now attends Asumbi Girls Secondary School.