8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

“Before Achungo I lived in a small slum.  Life there was not a walk in the park because it was very difficult to earn a living. My father burned found wood to make charcoal to sell for food for our family and provide for our education. My mother tended our maize but the harvest was often poor. Then the government confiscated the garden and built a market on it. We were displaced and slept in the street for one month. Luckily a well-wisher helped us and let us move into one of his huts.  That was a very sad time.

I have two sisters and two brothers. My parents died when I was 4, and after that I lived with my guardians who protected me and brought me to Achungo 7 years ago [when he was 7]. One of them has since died. Achungo is far better than the school I knew prior. Our teachers are committed because they want us to achieve the best out of the best. Achungo performs well with good national exam scores and I think it is the most high-ranked in our county.

Besides my studies, I like football and volleyball and helping people in the community.  I want to excel so that one day I might help the vulnerable like I was. I want to be a neurosurgeon and save lives.  I do not want other children to remain orphans, men widowers and women widows, just because of something that could have been treated. The best thing about going to Achungo is for me to excel and build my future and I have great and full support.”