8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Douglas (16) was brought to Achungo (Imbo campus) by his mother, a teacher, when he was in 5th grade, as she started working at Achungo. He had been attending Heartspring Junior Academy. He said that Achungo is different from other schools because “life is good and there is serious learning taking place, pupils are performing well and teachers are well-trained. Achungo is the best school.”

Douglas lives in Rangwe Constituency with his grandparents, his mother and three brothers and three sisters. His grandfather has a small farm plot where he grows maize, beans, peanuts and sorghum. Douglas told us, “My family is not well-developed and lacks enough income to improve our standard of living.”

At Achungo his favorite is his Science class because it teaches him about the human body and about the environment. He says his best friend, Collince, has a good character, is friendly and likes reading, and always has one of the best scores on exams. They “read together, play soccer and tell each other interesting stories.”

When he is home on breaks, Douglas helps his grandfather on their shamba, sometimes digging weeds or harvesting maize (“maize is our staple food in Kenya”). He also looks after his grandfather’s cow, goat and sheep. In the evenings after his work, he likes to play soccer with friends.

Douglas told us he wants “to improve my family’s standard of living in the future. I am working hard so that I can be a neurosurgeon. That is the work that helps many people in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the spine, brain, nervous system, and peripheral nerves.”