8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Collince’s parents died in a road accident when he was quite small and his uncle, John Otula, took in Collince and his brother (Denis) and Sister (Sarah). They are quite poor and sometimes go without food. One day Collince was walking on the road, looking for some help or for a job to help the family have food and he met Director Nyangi.  The Director learned about his situation and brought him to Achungo to start in the preschool.

Collince(15) told us, “I like Achungo because of how well it performs and besides it is the only school that does not charge fees in our area.  When I finish my schooling I want to become a mechanical engineer . I also dream about being a soccer player because that could change my life and is my favorite sport.”

During free time, Collince likes to spend time with his friends and tell them tell jokes, and likes to play soccer. When he’s home he also helps tend their vegetable garden.