Chrisphine Odhiambo

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Chrisphine lost his parents to a road accident and came to Achungo 8 years ago at age 5.  Michael had found him living on the street with his brother where they had been surviving off of thrown out food (very difficult in this poor, rural area).  His brother came with him to Achungo but is now married and drives a motorcycle taxi.  He lives nearby and Chrisphine visits him during breaks.

Chrisphine says, “the food at Achungo is good!”  (that’s certainly understandable!)   He also told us, “I like Achungo because of the teachers and the buildings. The teachers welcomed me.  The best things about Achungo are how the teachers teach and how they talk to pupils happily.”  It is the respect and love of the teachers that makes it a different experience from anything he has ever known.

Chrisphine likes football (soccer) and volleyball, dancing and singing for fun, and studying and solving problems with his friend, Dick. His favorite subject is Math.  But your first impression is likely that Chrisphine can be a joker;  when I brought some new folks to visit Achungo, he introduced himself as the President of Kenya!

He likes jungle stories and loves the library.  He wants to become a pilot when he finishes his schooling and then wants to fly to America and “make history” for Achungo.  He also wants to help orphans and give them books.