Caroly Ochieng

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Caroly has been at Achungo for two years.  Home is about 2 km away where he lives with his parents and three older brothers and older sister. Both of his parents are out of work.

He likes that he gets room and board at Achungo and that pupils are given clothes, shoes “and many other things.”  He likes that they have food and enough water and that there is time to read and for games as well as studies.     His earlier school did not give pupils time to play sports and didn’t teach well.

His favorite subjects are Math and English and he likes to play football (soccer) and reading books.  Caroly told us, “I like Achungo because the teachers and even the pupils are working extra hard to achieve their goals.  The best thing about Achungo is that the pupils obey all teachers, all workers and many other people.”  He would like to become an engineer “because it helps people in their daily lives.”

He says the best day in his life was passing 7th grade and getting graduation gifts from the school.  He has a best friend, Evance, and they eat together, they share things and always play together.