Caroline Achieng Okoko

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

After Caroline’s father died in a road accident, the family had no income and she was forced to leave Komito Primary school that she had attended since first grade.  She is from nearby Kochio living with her mother and two siblings in a small thatched-roof hut.

She joined us at Achungo in 2015 for sixth grade and immediately noticed the difference from what she’d known at Komito where the teachers had been absent much of the time.  She appreciates the great teaching at Achungo and how that results in exceptional exam performance.  And she likes the atmosphere of collaborative learning, as she says,  “At Achungo the teachers cooperate together with the pupils.”  She especially likes Math and Science and loves boarding at the school with all of her friends.

After classes, she likes to play volleyball and football (soccer) and during school holidays she helps elderly neighbors by carrying their water for their homes.
Caroline wants to become a heart surgeon because she has a desire to help those who are sick.

Caroline now attends Bhakita Girls Secondary School.