Carol Akinyi Hassan

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Carol’s parents died when she was in 1st grade and she lives with her grandmother, brother and two sisters and cousins.  Her grandmother loves her and cares for her and her siblings and does everything she can to help them “fulfill their dreams.”  She brought Carol to Achungo in 2014 to join our 4th grade.

Before Achungo, Carol had attended Rodi Public Primary school but she says the teachers there were rude whereas at Achungo they “are lovely, understanding and teach well.”  She loves the teachers and Michael (“he does everything for us.”)

She told us, “I like Achungo because of the teachers and how they teach us, and the diet is also good.  I would like to be a doctor in the future.  I would like to help people who are in need and help the street children by building an orphanage so that they have a place to live.”  (She told us that her parents always wished for their children to become doctors)

Her favorite subjects are Math, English and Science and for fun, she likes sports, computer lab and to sing and tell jokes.  She knows she must “work hard in school and respect everyone” and asks for prayer for the school and all the children.