8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Britney (15) first came to Achungo 11 years ago into the preschool. When she was very young her father had died in a road accident and her mother soon after. Hearing of her situation, Director Nyangi brought her to Achungo. But after a few years, because she was taken in by a serious of families, she was moved around to different public schools. It distressed her to tell us about this time because there was no stable support in her life. She thinks a lot about what it would have been like if she could have lived with her parents. Her current guardian is Charles, who is unemployed and has respiratory problems. Also at home are Marion and Maxwell (either her siblings or likely, Charles’ children).

She was finally able to return to Achungo. She told us, “Achungo has been a nice place for me to live since it supports me in so many ways. I found it very difficult to stay in different places away from Achungo. It has been a very cool and kind place for me. The teachers always guide me and counsel me. The kind of learning we are being given is so great!  Achungo makes me comfortable–as a girl I need many things that I can’t get at home because we are too poor. Being at Achungo is so great that on holidays I am afraid to go back home. At times I think I am a slave.” (Girls are typically kept very busy with household chores).

With her friends, Britney likes reading the Bible, teaching and counseling her fellow students, and “doing exercise.” She wants to become a college professor and says, “I want a prosperous life for everyone. I want to be a good role model and I want to help people that have problems like mine. I want to eradicate poverty among our siblings. Being at Achungo has helped me a lot now that I am going to finish my primary education. I also want to go to a good high school to get higher learning. I want to continue to get support from Achungo. With that support I also want to help many children who have the same problem.”

“May the Lord grant Achungo more blessings as they continue supporting me! ”