8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

I thank the Almighty God for having me at Achungo.  I came 8 years ago [when he was 7]. From the first I felt much happier because life at home had been very difficult. I had been living with my uncle and he would come home drunk and start all his dramas.  My brother, John, and sister, Zillah, lived with us as do both of my uncle’s children. My brother and sister are 4 years old and have not yet started school. It was tragic that they never got to know my parents, but we comfort each other when times are difficult.  What I remember of my parents is that they were loving and cared more about other people’s problems. My aunt and uncle are housekeepers and work hard to keep us fed, at least. They have a small garden where we grow vegetables for our daily needs.

When I heard that I would be given an opportunity at Achungo, it was like a dream come true.  I had always admired other children who were able to go to school.  Now I know that no matter how difficult life is, you can have hope that one day things will get better.  Achungo has love and hospitality for orphans and it paves the way to success in life.

I pray that our director may always continue with the loving heart he has.  I could not believe that a day would come that I will be schooling. Sincerely, since I came to Achungo my life has been better. The public school I attended prior was a nightmare with teachers not attending to their lessons.  Even getting a uniform was a problem. They didn’t offer free education, where at Achungo they are hospitable and welcome any orphan child, regardless of their situation.

When I came to Achungo I knew life would change and I would be able to have an education. It is incomprehensible how much better things are now. My teachers have helped me a lot.  I like to help other children with their studies. Besides my studies I like social activities. On holidays I gather with other orphans and tell them to be positive in life.

I would like to become a judge and provide fair trials. Besides that, I will help other orphans to succeed.