Brian Polycarp (Paul) Owiyo

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Brian came to Achungo in 2018 (7th grade) after the Director told his mother about the school.  His father had died from kidney disease in 2012. Brian lives alone with his mother.  His brother and four sisters are in school elsewhere.  He told us that his mother is a very hardworking woman who works hard to support them all.

They were living in Kochia Village, near Olare, about 13 miles away and he went to school at the public primary God-Bondo.  He says the teachers there showed up only a few times a week to teach and that things are much better at Achungo.

His favorite subjects are Social Studies, Science and Math, and he likes reading.   Brian wants to become a pilot.  His dream is to fly big planes– “It is enjoyable to fly a plane.”  He likes living on campus, being with friends, playing volleyball and soccer. On weekends, he goes to the on-campus church services.   On holidays he goes home and helps his mother and plays soccer with friends.

Brian wants to tell people that he needs help paying for high school.  “I want to greet them and wish them a holy life.”