Brian Mwita Omodia

8th Grade Graduates of 2016 (Rodi)

Brian’s father learned about Achungo from the parents of Duke Awino, a top student in our first graduating class of 2014. Brian’s mother and siblings live about 20 miles away, but his father is often 250 miles away in Nairobi looking for manual labor.  Wanting the best for his son, Brian’s father brought him to Achungo this year intending to help pay his tuition when he is able.

Brian is consistently polite and disciplined. He enjoys learning Swahili and plans to study engineering.  What Brian likes most about Achungo are his teachers, who, he says, are “like his friends.”  But they’re also well-trained, devoted instructors helping students finish strong in 8th grade to prepare them for success in high school.

Brian is now at Thurdibuoro Boys Secondary School.