8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

“My parents brought me to Achungo 12 years ago into preschool when they heard that there was a new school that had just been built in our area. Those days we were living in a rented room with my parents, father, Kislara (34) and my mother, Mary (31). My parents currently work at a hardware store but they are not even paid enough to pay for our school fees.” [Brian was born August 18,2007]

Brian has 2 brothers (Evance, 17, and Steve, 16) and a sister, Betty, 4 years old and attending preschool at Achungo. His mother is often sick, and they can’t keep up with the doctor bills. He says his parents are trying very hard to keep the children in school because, “We are their only hope.” He was thrilled to be able to come to Achungo and have “a chance at an education even though I was from a poor background.”

He told us that his best friend is Ian, “a well-disciplined boy with good moral values. We like reading storybooks and they inspire us.” On holidays, he likes helping his parents, learning “good moral values and good habits,” and getting physical exercise.

Brian wants to “become an accountant and also tour different countries and different continents. That is my dream so that I can fulfill my grandfather’s destiny.  He wanted to be an accountant but time cut him short.”

He told us that what he liked most about studying at Achungo “is that it has brought hope to my whole family. I hope that I can do a wonder to Achungo by passing the final exams (KCPE) for all Achungo has done for me since my childhood.  I love Achungo.  And I think that Achungo is the safest school in Kenya.”