8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Bostone (b: January 4, 2007) came to Achungo (Imbo) in 4th grade after attending Faith Academy. He says that Achungo is a much better school because the teachers are well-trained and able to help the students with their learning.

He lives in Amoso village with his parents and his brother who also has his wife and baby. He says his parents have no jobs and no garden and no money to build a proper house. The land that they had was sold to pay school fees in the past. They struggle constantly to have enough to eat and try to do garden work for others to get enough money to survive.

Bostone’s friend helps him with reading and studying. Bostone is learning how to use computers and spends extra time studying science to get ahead.
When he is home, he works with his parents to get money for food and clothing. He says “we find it difficult to eat a balanced diet and usually eat porridge for breakfast and dinner.” He wishes they could “build a good house for our protection from rain, but there is no money to do so.”

He told us,” I promised my parents that they will have a comfortable life after my education.” He wants to become a neurosurgeon and help those villagers who are in need.” But he knows it will be expensive to take the neurosurgeon course and that will make it difficult.