Bornface Nelly Otieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Bornface lived with his father and brother until 4th grade.  His Father remarried and moved to Nairobi, leaving Bornface to live with his grandmother and his two siblings in Kanyada, about 4 miles away.  There he was in school at Majiwa Primary.  “We had to sit on the ground and had to go home for lunch but at Achungo we eat at school, we board here and do everything here.”  His grandmother had heard about Achungo from relatives and entered him in our 8th grade in 2019.

He says, “the best day in my life was when they brought me to Achungo where I can get a better education.”  He likes Achungo because it “is a good school and has nice teachers who teach much better than at Majiwa.”  Bornface loves Science and Math, and wants to become an engineer— “then I would have my own money and could help my grandmother, my siblings and even help my community.”

He enjoys soccer and during the holidays forms a soccer club with is friends.  “When I am at home I help my grandmother, because she is disabled.  I like to spend time with my grandmother and with my friends and even my parents if I could know them and ever see them. “

“I would like to tell my friends in America to work hard and I love them all.  Thank you.”