Billy Ian Opiyo

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Billy lives with his mother and uncle in Rangwe (about 8 miles from Achungo) along with his 3 brothers: Jimmy, Lucky, and Teddy.  His older sister, Lonie, is in high school.  Billy’s uncle, Mr. Benson, is a teacher at Achungo and brought him to Achungo in 2017 into 6th grade.  Before that he was at Sister Dolores Academy.  He told us, “I didn’t always understand what they were teaching there but at Achungo they teach until I understand.”  He says the best day of his life was when he joined the school.

During his free time he likes to read storybooks and play soccer and volleyball with his friends.  “I made friends quickly here.”  On holidays he helps with chores at home.

His favorite subject is Math and he wants to become a doctor “because I would like to help sick people who are suffering from different diseases.”

“I would like to tell my friends in America that they continue praying for us and we will also pray for them.”