Beyonce  Akinyi

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Beyonce was brought to Achungo in 2013 by her grandfather (age 75), entering 3rd grade.  The two of them live in Busia (a few miles away).  She also has an older sister and brother who work in health science.  She told us that her parents abandoned her and that “they were very poor and could not pay my school fees.”

Prior to Achungo she had attended Rodi Township.  “There were school fees and people performed poorly and were given heavy punishment.  There they were caning, but at Achungo teachers are loving and caring and do not do that.”

Her favorite subjects are English, Science and Social Studies and she wants to become a TV journalist.  In addition to her studies, she likes dancing and singing (especially devotional songs), reading storybooks and the Bible and on weekends going to Achungo’s church with friends.  On holidays she helps her grandfather at home, goes to church with him and visits friends.