8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

“I have been at Achungo for 7 years, having heard about it from my parents. [Benedict was born June 16,2008] Prior to Achungo, I attended By-faith Foundation School in our area. When I first came to Achungo I thought that I would be bullied but I was never bullied.

I live with my mother, Felister Ohanga Ngesa, in a rented room. My parents do not have any work but we have a small garden to grow our food.  My parents are hardworking and caring parents.  My brother, Samuel is 4 and I have 2 sisters,  Ashley, in her second year at Koru Girls High School in Kisumu, and Fiona, who is 6 and in 1st grade.

Besides my studies I like singing and dancing and playing soccer with my friends. I also like watching educational programs.  On breaks after helping my parents, I and my friend visit the elderly and help them in some of their work for free without asking for any payment. I also have a study group at home to help us all achieve good grades.

I want to become a lawyer because I always admire their work and how they dress.  I would also like to build a 2-story house for my parents.

The best thing about being at Achungo is good teaching and friends that I have fun with.  I am really thankful for my parents bringing me to this school.  This school made me believe that every child can be an achiever.”