Becky Cynthia Adhiambo

8th Grade Graduates of 2014 (Rodi)

Unlike many in her class, Becky enjoys studying Swahili (her third language, after her native Luo and English) and wants to turn her interest in language into a TV journalism career. She’d like to study at University of Kenyatta or University of Nairobi after secondary school.   If she doesn’t get into journalism, Becky wants to be an actor, since she loves telling jokes and acting in dramas led by the matron in the girls dorm.

Becky is working to improve her math skills before the national exams. Her math instruction in public school was very weak and she feels lucky to attend remedial math classes at Achungo.   Becky appreciates Achungo so much that she wrote a song about it, and, her best friend Sharon says she sings it every morning.

Becky attends Bishop Okulu Girls Secondary School.