8th Grade Graduates of 2021 (Imbo)

Augustine Dylan (14) joined Achungo’s school at Imbo  for 5th grade in 2017 having heard from students in his area that it was a good school. [Note: 2017 was the first year of operation for Achungo’s primary school at Imbo].

He lives nearby with his parents and his older brothers Enoch and Dennis. His mother has a small shop and his father sells the vegetables and fruits that they grow in their garden.

What he likes best about Achungo is that the teachers teach well and “work hard to help me and the other students and that’s different from other schools”

During free time he likes studying together with other students and playing football (soccer), and on the weekends, watching football matches. Augustine’s favorite subject is science and he wants to become a neurosurgeon.