8th Grade Graduates of 2021 (Rodi)

Ashley (14) was brought by her aunt to Achungo (Rodi) for 6th grade in 2018. She never knew her parents and lives in Rodi with her with aunt, brother (15), sister (12). They have a subsistence garden plot.

She had attended Rodi Primary but appreciates that there are no fees at Achungo and she can take the exams without worrying about whether she can pay for them as would be required at a public school.  Outside of class she likes reading storybooks, playing football with friends, and doing her homework. On weekends and holidays, she helps with chores at home, including washing dishes, and enjoys visiting her grandmother. Her favorite subject is Math and she wants to become an engineer and build roads for Kenya. We hope you do, Ashley, there are lots of roads to build!