Ariel Word

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Ariel’s parents enrolled her in 7th grade at Achungo in 2018.  She had been going to Sango Academy in Homa Bay but her parents could no longer afford to pay the school fees.  She immediately felt welcomed here.  “At Achungo the teachers are more loving and caring and they really teach you.”  She likes all the help she gets in his studies.  “I like to study and want to become a good person and have a better future in life…to be a good example for others.”

Her favorite subjects are Science and Math and she enjoys playing soccer, riding bicycles with friends and reading, especially books about Science.   She wants to go to a good high school and then university in order to become civil engineer –“I want to build many roads which will serve the whole country and to repair broken roads which may cause accidents.”

She lives in in Rodi (nearby) with her parents, her 2 sisters (Jael 10, Wenner 3).  She says when she is home, “I like to help on house chores and cleaning during holidays.”

She wants to tell her friends in America, “I love you all and I will always put you in prayers.  Thank you.”