8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Three years ago, Ann’s parents brought her to Achungo, having heard about it in town. Ann (b: August 6,2007) told us, “I live with my parents at Sota Kochia. I have five siblings, two boys and three girls and they are also going to school. My father is the only one with a job and is a teacher. My mother is just selling medicine which can help the sick people. We have a [subsistence] garden and we are working hard. My parents are healthy.”

“What I know about Achungo is that it is a good school that can make you achieve your goals in the future. The difference from other schools is that the pupils are passing their exams well. When I was in public school I could not manage to get [a score of] three hundred and at Achungo I am getting more than three hundred. That is what it means to me to be at Achungo.”

She likes to study with her friend, Manuel. She plays football, netball, and basketball with him and other friends, at school and at home.

“I would like to be an accountant when I finish my schooling. What I like is that the payment is good. I just request Almighty Lord to be with me into the future. I see goodness in life when I’m earning my money.”