8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Alventer (age 15) has been at Achungo, Imbo campus, since 2017. Compared to her prior school, she says that Achungo is a good school where she gets much more teaching and can get help from the teachers and other students anytime she needs it. She told us that life was difficult for her before Achungo. She didn’t have the money to pay school fees but now she “has a real chance to learn.” And she loves having time to read on her own.

Her mother died during childbirth and she remembers her father dying from cancer on a Monday morning at the district hospital when Alventer was 4. She lives with her elderly aunt in Ohero and has an older sister. Her aunt used to find jobs working in local farms or gardens in order to earn money for food for the family.

Her best friend, Florence, encourages her and supports her in subjects where she needs help. On breaks she likes to play soccer (it relaxes her and eases her mind).

Alventer wants to become a doctor and likes her Science and Math classes as they will help her in her medical studies to be able to “help many people in hospitals.”