Agnes Atieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Agnes’ grandmother brought her to Achungo in 2019 for her 8th grade because she wanted something better for Agnes – a place for Agnes to go to school where she would feel loved.  She had been attending God-Kado Primary but she had no desk, had to sit on the floor and was not given any food.  She says, “Achungo is a place of love – the teachers love us, and there is more learning.”  Agnes’ favorite subject is Math and in addition to studying with her classmates, she likes reading, volleyball, soccer and on Sundays, going to church at Achungo’s chapel with her friends.

She lives with her grandmother about 4 miles from Achungo (about a 30 minute walk to school).  Her only other family is her brother, Samuel, who is in college.   “I never knew my parents – they died in a road accident on their way to visit my cousin.”

“When I am at home I like telling stories with my friends and also helping my grandmother to do chores.”  She likes to share with her grandmother what she is studying at school.  She says the best day of her life was when her brother took her out to celebrate her 12th birthday.

Agnes wants to become a television journalist “so that I can help poor people in the society.”  “I would like to tell people to keep on working hard and helping people.”