8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Adrian (14) told us, “When my parents died, they left behind three children: my sister Gloria, my brother Basil and I.”  His Aunt Faith took them in and tries her best to take care of them but their life is difficult as she has no job nor any garden plot. They live in one of the tin rental rooms (not much more than a shed).

Director Michael found out about him and brought him to Achungo about 10 years ago. Adrian says, ”That changed my life because it was not easy when I had to live with strangers. At Achungo they are supportive and caring about people’s future life.  I like how the teachers treat me.  At Achungo, I have met new friends who are lovely and caring.  I really like the kind of life here in Achungo. Truly, life in Achungo is really nice, the learning going on is quite perfect, the treatment is equal, and the teachers teaching are much better.”

During free time, with his friend, Tillen, Adrian likes playing football, studying and “helping one another in times of trouble.”  On breaks and holidays, he helps his aunt with household chores, like washing dishes, and he says, “I engage in community development projects and help the elderly in carrying out their chores.”

Adrian told us, “When I am all through with my schooling, I would like to be a journalist.  I would like to also develop my community and help those in need. Without Achungo, I don’t know where I would be by now. May the Almighty Father be with the institution of Achungo and keep on protecting them.”