8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Christine (b: June 4, 2007) came to Achungo (Imbo) in 4th grade. She had been attending Kawia Primary but “the classes were congested and the teachers were never serious.” She says that Achungo has a better facility, she can eat well here and the best thing is that the students are doing serious studies.

Both of her parents are dead and she lives in Kochia with her uncle and younger brother and younger sister. “My sister is suffering from skin rashes and I have been praying for her but there is no change. My uncle works as a farmer on a farm so that we can get food to eat. At home I help my uncle on a farm so that we get money for food and buying clothes.”

She enjoys studying with her friends and playing netball (like basketball without any dribbling).

“After my education I would like to be a journalist in my life. I ask for your help in all my education. If I finish I wish to help other orphans like me, without any parents.”