In August we began fundraising in earnest to purchase land and begin building out the Achungo school campus.

We have learned from Michael Nyangi, our Kenyan Founder/Director, that land nearby our current parcel is available and he has verified title and cost. Total cost is $9,500 including fees and fencing (for a bit over 1/2 acre). This is the most important purchase we will face and we are committed to providing the funds so that Michael doesn’t lose the opportunity.

The land purchase is particularly urgent — if we lose it, we do not have any nearby options. It is also urgent because we already do not have enough classrooms (we’re doubling up now) and we do not have space on our small current parcel (.3 acre) to build a new classroom building. In addition most of our classrooms are in a temporary, corrugated metal building with posts driven into dirt and dirt floors and it will not last long (it also tends to turn into a river during heavy rains).  It’s really more like a 4-sided shed!
Our immediate development priorities are to obtain and fence this land and to build a latrine and at least the first 2 classroom buildings ($15,000 each building, about $2,500 for the latrine, so about $42,000, all told).  We are anxious to complete the first classroom building and latrine by December as we need to add a 6th grade in January and are out of space.  This year one class had to use space in the sleeping room.
The current parcel has the well and pumphouse, the kitchen, the cement block building that holds the office and sleeping room (and a classroom), as well as a latrine and the temporary classroom building mentioned above.  Once we have the new land, we will build our classrooms there.  Then the current site can be built out with a proper kitchen (it’s just a shed now) and an assembly room so the children have a place for everyone when it is raining and for exams, lunch, etc.