Our team of 11 left SFO on June 13 and after our 2-day safari in the Masai Mara, spent a full 5 days at the Achungo Children’s Centre (that’s how we spell it in ex-British colonies!).  What was most remarkable on this trip for me was that every single teacher from our 2 preschool classes through Kindergarten up to 6th grade were simply superlative.   I just wish I’d had them as teachers!  They were engaging and encouraging and respectful and fun and they frequently got the students out of their seats (what an innovation!).   It’s true, the little boys weren’t expected to sit still on their plank desk all day with their hands folded and somehow translate all their innate kinetic energy into contemplative learning.

The new buildings are wonderful — the locals tell Michael (the Director) that it should be a High School because the buildings are too nice for a Primary!

We now have a total state-of-the-art, fully recycling latrine!  (I’ve got to do an entire article on that one!)

The children are getting breakfast (wheat gruel) as well as lunch!!   And they seemed even more energetic (if that’s possible) and healthy and joyous than before.

Achungo has become more than a leg up for orphans toward survival and it is a truly wonderful life experience for these dear children.  I was just enthralled!