Our Plans

As we grow our programs to help these children with education and better lives, our costs are rapidly increasing:

580 children are now enrolled at our primary schools, at Rodi and the new one at Imbo.  Our annual operational costs to feed, clothe and educate them, with some 60 boarding, is about to $150,000.

We have 75 graduates in high schools with another 25 to start next year.  One of our second year high schoolers just achieved the highest math score in the entire county!

This year our budget for their tuition and expenses is $85,000 and that is likely to more than double in the next few years.  Our desire is for all of them to complete higher education if they are able.

Our new primary school in the community of Imbo was completed this year.  The cost of operating that new school will grow to about $100,000 in a few years.